R&R and Minor League Baseball Cards


Vacations are always a good time to recharge, and my recent annual excursion with some friends is always a highlight of the year.  Upon returning to reality, my mind is still waiting for the fog of vacation to clear.  In fact I didn't realize my last post was over two weeks ago!  The sting of reality means there are things to catch up on, especially in the blogging world.

Being on vacation doesn't mean the rest of the world stops and a package was waiting for me.  It was another 1980 TCMA minor league set where I put in a $5 bid and the set was mine.  This one is the Quad City Cubs (now known as the Quad City River Bandits).   This matches my other TCMA minor league set which  I had posted about a few weeks ago, the Hawaii Islanders.  If you're inclined, you can read that post  HERE.    

This set is rather dull compared to the Hawaii set.  Only headshots, all of which are black and white.
Apparently TCMA didn't want to spend alot of time or money on this Cubs affiliate.

Odd thing about this set is that there are no player stats on the back!  Lots and lots of white space. Perhaps the team was so bad, they didn't want to keep stats?  However the GM, manager and even the trainer got a nice little writeup.  This is the total opposite of what I've seen in other TCMA minor league sets.

That wasn't the only package waiting for me...it's a double dose of minor league cards!  Here we have a partial minor league set of the Portland Beavers.  Fuji, yes that Fuji of international baseball blogging fame, was kind enough to comment on my Hawaii Islanders post and following up by sending these cards.  Only 7 more to go!

Take a closer look and I could swear these guys could pass as brothers.

You'll note the backs have no comments for the GM, manager or trainer but the players have stats.
This is the second "project" Fuji has started me on.  The first you can read about HERE.  And if you want to check out Fuji's blog, you can find that HERE.  This should be a relatively quick set to complete.  The Vance Law and Tony Pena cards are affordable, so I'll be sure to update the blog when this is done.  

Summers up here don't last long and more vacation time awaits, so my card excursions have been put on hold for awhile.  Until my next post, happy hunting.

Bonus time!  For your viewing pleasure, another Backseat Break!


  1. I bought that set pretty much for two cards: Tony Pena and Dick Pole. Saw the Pole on another blog and the 13 year old in me cracked up.

  2. I was wondering where you had disappeared to.


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