Mail Day!

I haven't been to a card show or shop in some time.  The card shop closest to me shut down recently, which is a bummer as that was my go-to place for supplies.  Now I have to drive what feels like a million miles to get to the next closest shop.  It's also the second card shop that has suddenly closed its doors this year.  Maybe it's a sign of things to come in the hobby but I hope not. Despite me not getting to a shop or show lately, I still need to get my fix in.  So internet shopping has become my source for cards lately.  I think the local post office finally got things working smoothly because the envelopes have been coming in! I'll start with this '75 Hostess card of Nolan Ryan.  It's in pretty good shape for its age and nicely cut.  I'm not actively working on this set but I'll take them when I find'em. Next up is this decent Willie Stargell for my '72 set.  This set is slowly getting there at 82% complete. The 1970 Hunter was a great add.

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