1982 Neilson Cookie Bar Wayne Gretzky Set

  This year's Stanley Cup finals featuring the Oilers had me thinking about those past Oilers teams (some would say dynasty) from the 80's.  I'm sure anyone reading will remember a few of those players such as Messier, Kurri, Coffey and Fuhr.  But the most important player of the time was Wayne Gretzky, and anytime I come across his early playing days cards, I'm always intrigued by the prices I see.  So when I saw this full set for sale, I didn't hesitate to negotiate for it. I wasn't familiar with this set at all and had to do some internet searching to find out it was issued as an insert with Neilson Candies. The set's first nine images feature Gretzky's childhood and are black and white photos. The rest of the set are full color photos that focus on his pro career. Not all of the photos are action shots.  This one apparently commemorates Gretzky joining the 50-goal club back in 1980 (which happened against the North Stars). This shot was taken during

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