Winner! Cards from Johnny's Trading Spot


I haven't posted in awhile thanks to a short vacation to Vegas.  This was my first ever trip to Vegas, so there was lots of walking around, sightseeing, and of course a few gambling bets.  Unfortunately many of my bets didn't pan out.  Neither did the slots.  Still it was a fun trip and I may return some day.

While I may have been unlucky in Vegas, it turns out that I still have some luck when it comes to cards.  There was a package waiting here from Johnny's Trading Spot as I was a lucky winner in his ongoing card giveaway.  He sent a few cards of my favorite players.

Included was this 2001 Topps Archives Kirby Puckett rookie reprint.  It's a beautiful high gloss card and a welcome addition to my Puckett PC.

These 1994 UD Collector's Choice Puckett's are also nice additions.

I really like this 1995 Pinnacle Zenith.  I don't own any cards from this set, so this was a much needed card for the PC.

This 2015 Prizm Puckett is another really nice addition as I had zero cards from this set prior to this.

Ah vintage!  This 1970 Carew Sporting News all -star is super cool.  

Johnny really hit the spot here as all of these cards were needs.  I'll have to make more of an effort to comment from now on.  Thank you for the cards!  


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