A Sack of Cards


A friend and I attended a card show about a week ago.  That in and of itself should be no surprise, but I was surprised by a few of the pickups I was able to land.  I didn't pick up anything too fancy this time around as I was hunting for set needs but I ended up with this:

That's not lunch, just a good ol' sack of cards.  So let's see what's inside.

A trio of the Topps tribute insert set to 150 years of professional baseball.  

A half dozen helmet cards!  Between these helmet cards and the trio above, I was fortunate in that the dealer was willing to negotiate.  So I landed these nine cards for about $20, or $2.22 apiece.  I'm starting to see more of these inserts slowly making their way out into the wild.

On the vintage side, I plucked some '56s for the set build as I try to fill in the commons.

Same goes for my '62 Post set build.  Commons, commons and more commons.

A couple of modern cards.  The Aaron is the foil parallel from the '54 Archives set and the Mantle is from the '96 tribute set.

Finally we have mini's!  This set still has a long way to go but its fun when I can pick up a pile of mini's to make some progress.

So overall another productive show for me.  Now we enter the 'dry' season when the shows start slowing down a bit from a weekly cadence to maybe one or two a month.  Hopefully there will be another road trip mixed in soon.  Happy hunting!


  1. I wouldn't call any of those '56's commons. Four guys who were pretty big stars at the time, and two team cards which are often pricy, particularly with names like Williams and Banks.

  2. My all-time favorites there in '56 and '75 minis. In fact my biggest '56 pickup in terms of volume also showed up in a brown grocery bag.

  3. Hope you didn't mix up your bagged lunch and your bagged cards the next day!

  4. I miss going to card shows. It’s been 30 years lol. I keep hoping one would exist but I guess not. So I enjoy getting to see the bloggers who do get to go.

    Also got the card in the mail! Thanks! We should do some Pwe trading sometime!


  5. Like Bo, I don't see any commons in that group of 56's.


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