September's Sack of Cards


I've been on a spending spree lately with a focus on more vintage and set building.  This past weekend's show didn't disappoint.  Surprisingly when I got there attendance was sparse, so that for once I could go through boxes and bins at a relaxed pace.  The lack of attendance also made it easier to converse with dealers and swing better deals.  I had a $100 budget this time (give or take a few bucks) but only spent around $80.  I almost blew that budget (and then some) on a '69 Reggie rookie, that was located near the door and was one of the first tables I checked.  But after making the rounds and picking up these vintage cards, I totally forgot about it!  Oh well, I'm pretty sure I'll see more of them.

This trio of '75 mini's headline a group of 26 I bought.  Unfortunately the Brock has a wax stain on the back but I try to pick these up when I see them.  While my set build is now 18% complete I don't consider it a priority when I'm at shows.

These three '62 Post cards helped fill in some needs and now my set is 39% complete.

I picked up 14 more needs for my '60 set build including a few hi #'s.  It's always fun to see a completion rate climb, and now this set is 62% done.

I added 7 more needs to my '56 build.  The checklist is fully marked, but was still the most expensive card I purchased at $20.  These darn vintage checklists are tough.  The set is now 40% complete (not counting the checklist).

In the 'just for fun' category, I plucked a Garvey game-used memorabilia card for $5.

And along the way one of my favorite soccer players, Tino Lettieri, was signing for free!  So cool to meet and converse with a player I grew up watching.  He signed a few items for me including this 1988 Pacific MISL card.  I reviewed this set awhile ago, here's a LINK if you care to read up on indoor soccer league cards.

There you have it,  Until next time happy hunting!


  1. Lettieri wins it.
    Must've been a fun show.

  2. Your card show hauls are awesome! You're a very productive collector... with these nice vintage set builds. When I hit up shows... I'm never organized and I just hope to find nice dime boxes or quarter bins. I really should start bringing list for my set builds.

    P.S. Did you end up getting that Tino glove signed?

    1. Thanks, I always have my wantlists with me thanks to this site. It really helps keep me on track. As far as the glove goes...well I traded that away a long time ago to a friend for a couple of 8x10 autos of former North Stars (Don Beaupre and Dino Cicarelli). Kind of wish I still had it though.

  3. The Strikers had some pretty good teams. I remember them being on the local TV channels then. I remember Tino.

  4. Neat seeing a Garvey relic even though he hasn't played in over 3 decades


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