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I may not have been posting as much as I would have liked this month, but that hasn't stopped me from acquiring more vintage cards.  Recently an auction came up that contained a few Post cards and my bids won!  So for fans of old Post baseball cards you may enjoy this.. er,  :)

I know what you're thinking..."boy that card could have been cut better".  Yes and no.  This isn't actually a Post card, it's my first card from the 1963 Jell-O set!  I had no idea this was in the batch of cards, but I saw a post recently that identified these cards from the standard Post cereal cards. The size of these cards are about a 1/4 inch shorter than the Post cards.  Pretty cool.  

Next up is a quartet of 1961 Post cards.  I really don't have many of these, so any cards I can find at this time I'll take.  Some day, I may even pursue this set.

Another quartet.  I couldn't find any listing for a variation of the Roebuck card, but given the background coloration I'm saying this is a variation.

This may or may not be a variation.  TCDB says there is a box version and a mail-in version.  I have no idea how to tell.  Maybe this is just a dupe?

The last '61 in the batch is this Duke Snider.  

From the '62 set, the Maury Wills and John Podres are needs, the others may be upgrades.

Finally my first two cards from the 1963 set.

For a few sets that I'm not targeting very hard these didn't set me back too much.  I like the simplistic design of these cards but using the same photo year after year (see Podres) doesn't do much for me.  Nevertheless, I'll continue picking these up when I see them.



  1. Nice pick-ups. I always liked those cards, but most of the ones I've seen looked to have been cut out by 2 year olds. Those look nice.

  2. Really like the Duke and Drysdale. I like how those cards say 'life' rather than 'career'.

  3. Sweet Post! I've got a Post card post that's been sitting in my drafts folder since September.


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