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A couple of weeks ago I managed to find time to attend a local card show.  Lately, I haven't been able to attend these as often as I would like so it was somewhat refreshing to be able to touch and inspect cards in person, rather then attempting to judge condition looking at internet scans.

Another refreshing thing happened the same weekend.  A new card shop opened near me!  The new shop didn't have a large offering of my preferred vintage cards but I persevered and was able to come up with some nice gems.

Starting with this Gooden rookie from the '84 Fleer Traded set.  It wasn't dime box cheap, but it is in fantastic condition.  Now that I have this, along with the Puckett and Clemens, I may chase this set.

I also found a pair of nice vintage football.  The '66 Philadelphia Starr and a '65 Philadelphia Eller rookie was too good to pass up.  These were $20 each, but worth it to me.

At the show I finally found a decent 1971 card #1 for my set build.

A few more set needs.  The Fingers is off centered but that's ok, and I was glad to pick up a Foster rookie, which had been evading me for awhile.

It was nice to pick off these three stars.  Unfortunately I didn't take the Stargell out of the holder at the show, it has some water damage so I'll be looking to upgrade that one.  The Clemente is a big ticket item to knock off the want list.  I was able to land all 7 of these for under $100.

Finally I took a chance on this Bronko Nagurski autographed card.  The seller let me have it for $25, so I figured I'll take a chance it's legit.  I may have it authenticated.

And by the way, I have been internet shopping and landed this nice Steve Carlton rookie for my '65 set build.  Totally thrilled to finally own this card.

There are several good shows coming up, including a big one where I'll get a chance to meet Rickey Henderson.  That will be awesome!  


  1. Woo, that Clemente, that was the last card I needed to finish the '71 set.

    My brother and nephew met Rickey Henderson at a signing last year. I still need to ask them how that went.

  2. I would not have thought Bronko Nagurski was still alive at that point, seems like such an old-time football name. In fact he died about a year or so after that card came out.

    Take a look at other Nagurski autographs online and compare it to that one.

    1. I had to look up when he died before I bought this.

  3. Wow, wonderful stuff! I NEVER see that Gooden at shows, and I look, it is one of my most wanted cards. Sweet Carlton RC too...

  4. Some fantastic card show pickups. I don't really set card collecting goals anymore... but if I did... finding a copy of that Gooden would be on the list. I've been actively hunting a graded copy of that card (in honor of my close friend who passed away last year).

  5. I'm always happy to see vintage football in the mix!

  6. The Eller is really great. I'm surprised that the price wasn't higher given where it was being sold.


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