Impulse Buys


As a set collector, I sometimes feel guilty of spending money on random cards when I should be focusing on my sets.  That opportunity cost means set builds go unfulfilled longer and longer.  But sometimes you've got to buy things when you see them or you may never see a better deal. So for this post I'm showing off a mixed bag impulse buys, both vintage and new. 

That's why I'm building up my Anthony Edwards PC.  At only 22 years of age, he really has elevated his game, though I think the Jordan comparisons I've read about are premature.

Though not a rookie, this die-cut is sweet looking.

I picked up a few Mike Trout cards, since there is a dearth of those in my collection.

There were 7 cards in this lot.  I didn't argue much with the $10 asking price.

Especially since I have been coveting this helmet insert for a long time.

On the vintage side of things, I picked up a couple of '63 Topps and a '67 Philadelphia.  I like the old style NFL logo on those Philly sets.

A well loved 1961 Fleer Paul Hornung also made its way into my collection.

For vintage baseball these 55's are great.  Leo Kiely turned out to be a dupe, so maybe trade bait?

Now that I've got some impulse buying out of the way, I can focus on some sets.  I've got some incoming cards that I hope will make their way here soon and a few card shows coming up that should help with my set building.  Until next time, happy hunting!


  1. Voting for the Edwards Rated Rookie.
    Grier was tempting, though. He was a friend of the Kennedys back when John and Bobby were still around.

  2. Nice pick-ups. I do the same thing and cost my set building all the time. I like the Trout Rookie Sensations and '55 cards.

  3. Local sports radio focuses a lot on football and basketball... and yesterday they were talking about his big game against the Nuggets on Thursday to push a Game 7. I'm guessing his cards are super hot right now.

    Sweet vintage stuff. Love seeing the older team logos like the Packers and Giants.

    I go in waves when it comes to set building and player collecting. I've been recently binging on sportlots trying to finish off some sets. My cabinet of set builds is filled up completely... and overflowing onto my desk.

  4. I have had this same problem as of late. Although, I guess it isn't really a problem since I'm still getting neat things -- said neat things just don't fit into sets.


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