South Dakota Style, part 2

Showing off a few more goodies from my trip out west, though not all of this is cards.  While sorting through some of the stuff at the same table where the Mattingly set was found, my brother opened a box of older sports memorabilia and I quickly recognized what he stumbled upon.

Yes!  1971 Topps football poster inserts!

Though the 71's are not as flashy as the prior year's posters, I still really enjoy these.  Each of these are in great shape and were stored nicely in plastic with card board backing.

Half the set was sitting there, waiting to be appreciated and I happily took them home.

At another table I found a couple more helmet inserts for my set build.  I probably would have bought more stuff from that seller but I felt their expectations were a bit high as far as prices.

We finally left the mall and headed to a card shop somewhere in Rapid City.  Unfortunately the guy at the desk said they were done selling sports cards and only selling MTG or Pokémon.  But there were a few monster boxes full of sports cards sitting on the counter with all cards marked to 1 penny.  I found these 3 and quickly handed over 3 cents.  The Angels team card is unmarked, which is a nice upgrade for my set.  There was some kind of tournament going on so the guy at the counter was very busy and we didn't stay long.  I'm still trying to talk my brother into going back and negotiate for a monster box. :)

After the mall we hit the road and did some sight seeing, driving to Hill City.  We found a nice craft brew place to wet our whistle.  The place is called Miner Brewing, and if you're in the area and like craft brews it's worth a stop.  Not far away there was also an antique shop. My brother had scouted out this place prior to my arrival so I had an idea some cards could be found.  I struck up a conversation with the guy at the counter who was engaging and knowledgeable about cards and he had a few vintage cards in the cabinet.  I grabbed these two from the '75 mini set.

I also took home this '74 McCovey Washington card.  You don't see this in the wild often and I figured it would fit in well with my backup set.

These '56 commons were in the cabinet and are in great shape.

There's an awful lot of things to see and do in the Black Hills, so finding a few sports items was a huge bonus. This trip was a lot of fun and many thanks to my brother for showing me around.  I can't wait to make a return trip out there.

I have 1 more item to show off from this trip but until I get a chance to post that, enjoy another Backseat Breaks!



  1. Lots of goodies here. Those 1971 Topps Pinups are gorgeous! Love the bright colors. And you know it's a good antique store when they have affordable and clean 1956 Topps baseball cards in a cabinet.

  2. I don't ever see myself going to South Dakota but you found something I've never seen before in those football posters.

    1. It's worth a trip at least once, especially if you like the outdoors.

  3. Some great pick-ups in parts 1 and 2! Added South Dakota to my list of places to visit a few years ago. Got to get out there, for sure.

  4. Nice finds! Glad you had a good time!

  5. How close are you on the helmet set chase?


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